Thursday, July 15, 2010

And away we go!

Things are really starting to pick up in the garden. So far I have harvested 1 cherry tomato, 3 snap peas, some raspberries, and 3 cucumbers. It feels like a slow start but so much is ripening as we speak that it's hard to feel bad.
velvet red cherry tomatoes
One cluster out of probably 16 that are getting more ripe every day!
german pink tomato
This was the first German Pink tomato I had but now there are about 12 and they are getting so big so fast!
boy do I know how to grow a pair! My Amish Paste tomatoes seem to only get pollinated in pairs, but I have 6 pairs so it's okay.

I've heard it said that corn should be as high as an Elephant's eye by the forth of July. I'll settle for as high as a Great Dane's eye by the 12th of July.

I have also been doing some weeding

and the potatoes SO need to be hilled

My sweet peppers are growing pretty well also
Tolli's Sweet Italian Peppers

and I have a butternut squash that I swear grows bigger every minute
butternut squash
(since this photo was taken it has lost its blossom and takes more than one hand to hold)

It doesn't seem like I'm getting a large number of any one thing (my okra plant has exactly one okra on it and doesn't seem interested in producing any more) but considering I have had minimal plant losses due to neglect I am feeling a sense of pride. And if nothing else I know I can grow a mean patch of weeds!

PS-I found a GREAT solution to the moles.
sonic spike
It's a sonic spike that's solar powered and vibrates the soil down deep. Within a week of me putting the spike in my garden the mole holes disappeared and my crops were growing again. Green beans, Brussels Sprouts and Pak Choi are out of the question this year, but I'm not going to let the casualties get in the way of me enjoying all the goodness growing around me!

What have you had the most success with in your garden so far?

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