Saturday, May 22, 2010

Handed down/Gifted Items

When we were putting together our home we accepted anything free from anyone looking to downsize. Nevertheless we managed to end up with a few gaping holes in our collection and skant excess money to fill them. Enter wonderful people. Lizzie is a woman I volunteer with at a museum. She donated some lovely dishes to our home and a floor lamp for the living room with no lights in it.
new dinner plates
One of our pretty new dinner plates
gifted floor lamp
New floor lamp

It's always wonderful when someone offers me something I was going to have to buy. What makes it even more wonderful is when it's particularly beautiful and an antique. The lamp I acquired is originally from the 1930s and Lizzie just had it re-wired less than a year ago so it's charming and should work for a very long time.

That's not including the gifted items I've been able to add to my garden. That post will be next.

What do you have in your house that's gifted? Do you prefer to buy things new?

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