Friday, June 11, 2010

A Sad Farewell

I haven't felt much like posting lately because I have been grieving the loss of a very special member of our family. My wonderful bunny Chester passed away exactly a week ago at the age of 6 years. He had a slew of health issues in his short life, the most problematic being he was diabetic. As a result he developed cataracts in both eyes and was more prone to infections.
Thursday we notice he wasn't eating much and wasn't drinking any water. Friday he was no better so we took him to the emergency vet. Unfortunately his condition worsened quickly and he passed away while at the vet clinic. They ran a blood test and it turned out he was in total renal failure.
Chester was a very special bunny. He was a house rabbit so he was litter trained and wasn't confined to his cage (except at night). He loved to eat loads of fresh cilantro and enjoyed laying across my feet.
Please join me in celebrating the life of my special bunny companion
My Bun!

We buried him in the garden with a brick as a headstone, inscribed with his name. I also planted a Stargazer Lilly at the head of his grave.

How do you honor your animal companions when they pass away?

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  1. I was really sad to hear about Chester's passing, I know how special he was. But you gave him a great life full of love and cilantro and that's special, too. :)

    "How do you honor your animal companions when they pass away?"

    Cremate the body but perpetually forget to scatter the ashes and save a clump of fur in a brass tin. Take it out every once in a while and press my face in it. But I think that last part is kind of weird, so don't tell nobody.