Thursday, April 15, 2010

A New Beginning

I have been meaning to start blogging for over a week now but I kept thinking I need to have a gaggle of photos ready to post to make it more exciting. While it's true that I'll be using a lot of photos here in the future to chart my progress I decided that a simple introduction doesn't require visual aids.

I suppose I should start by confessing that I am a notorious plant killer. I believe I am on some horticultural most wanted list somewhere and I'm not convinced my plants don't commit suicide just to get away from me. But I am determined to change my reputation.

On February 8th my husband and I took the plunge and bought our first home. The house was vacant for 2 years before we moved in so it has some quirks, one of which is that the yard has been neglected for two years...and it shows.

The purpose of this blog is to document my journey to becoming a successful gardener and a self-sufficient homeowner. With the help of my father, friends who know what they are doing, the internet and even my husband I will become independent.

My goals are to reduce my impact on the environment, turn my crappy yard into a haven while growing my own food, and learn to properly and thriftily maintain my home.

Please read along and offer your advice because I will need all the advice I can stand and then some!

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