Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Our Menagerie

As part of our (mine and my husband's) goals to be more self sufficient we wanted to keep a small flock of laying hens to provide us with fresh eggs. Last week we went to the farm and picked out 5 beautiful young hens to add to our household.
sleeping chicks

Three days later we picked up our two kittens. I picked these sisters out when they were just a day old and I have had the pleasure of visiting them once a week for the last 10 weeks to watch them grow so I couldn't wait to pick them up and bring them to their new home.
This is what they looked like at 3 weeks old
Reese closeup
my litter box is all the way down there

These in addition to my 5 year old rabbit
My Bun!

Our home is FILLED with the sounds of these bundles of joy. I have my rabbit cage in the library, the chickens brooding in a large box in our living room and the cats confined to the upstairs until the chickens are old enough to go outside in the coop
chicken coop

I have these fantasies all day at work of coming home and having the chickens swarm around my hands when I drop some feed into their bowl and the kittens jumping in my lap and purring when I go upstairs to check on them. Instead I get the chickens running away from me

And the cats play fighting (which sounds fantastic over our heads when we are in the living room)
Willow and Reese playing
Willow and Reese on bed

OK, so it's not the fantasy I had. But what in life really is? It still brings me great joy to come home to our Menagerie. Just wait until we bring home our two new bunnies!

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  1. Hello, Ashley! This is "homesteadgirl"...handle your chicks as much as possible. We got a mature flock that were handled lots as chicks and (although I still have a little chase to catch them) I can hold and stroke them. We are new to chickens and are totally in love with the seeking of warm eggs, the caring for of gratifying!