Friday, April 30, 2010

Making Progress

Our yard doesn't even look organized yet, but it is definitely coming along. For one thing we were finally able to mow the yard. Our lawn mower blew up last time we tried to start it and it took a couple days at the local machine shop to fix it up right.

The backyard looked like a jungle when we first moved in
backyard jungle

But then Mike from the farm came over and tilled it up for us to prepare for planting
freshly tilled backyard

We are lucky to have a nice enclosed porch that gets a lot of sun. Today it was 82 and it was steamy in there. Great for the plants! I originally had the plants all over the floor in there.

But I worried they weren't getting enough light, so hubby donated a shelving unit from his "man cave" (our pole barn) to give the plants some help
the plants getting some sun

I am already seeing the signs of things to come
blueberry flowers
Blueberry flowers are beautiful :)

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  1. looks like you will have a great garden eventually. Just found your blog via ravelry. looking forward to see how you manage to get of the most wanted list...